Home base learning activities for children during pandemic covid-19 holidays

No doubt pandemic covid-19 came with lots of miseries, depression, and hopelessness, but at the same time a glimmer of contentment too for the children to some extent. Childhood is the most vulnerable time period for human beings. It is the time when we need more intention, love, care, and precious time from our parents. Holidays due to covid-19 could be a more significant period for both children and parents. Some activities related to upholding the mental and physical health of children are suggesting for you. Hopefully, you will enjoy it all and get something new to become superlative.

Purpose of life

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Knowing the purpose of life is important as the water for life. Without knowing the purpose of life, our life is just like a football, that anybody any time can hit it and throw anywhere else. It is the best time to realize the children to introduce them to the meaning of their life. The purpose of their existence, why they are here? What will be their responsibilities as an individual towards society to make it optimistic and dynamic? These all are the things that are very important to know for every individual to live life with integrity. Take your time and spent it with your child to realize the meanings of their life.

Self-discipline and impulse control hacks

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Self-discipline is an important key to live life efficiently and effectively. Learning self-discipline enables kids to face life challenges courageously. To enhance the strength of mind, parents should present there selves as a role model for them. During these precious moments, you can give your child different tasks regarding the maintenance of the home. Asked them to do their all works on their own just like, get up early in the morning, make your bed, mend your shoes, make your timetable, and fix their timings. Make your children's daily life routine based on a healthy and composed lifestyle.

Relationship building activity

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The strong connection between parents and children is too necessary for the establishment of their productive character. Children who grow in such an environment where they possess a secure and healthy attachment with their parents have a high chance of evolving pleased and content relationships with others. You should realize that you love them a lot and unconditionally. Help them to solve their problems adequately. Use lovely and polite behavior. Give your quality time to them and try to develop a strong communication link with your children. Try to listen and understand their nature.

Arts and craft

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Another useful, creative, and entertaining activity is doing arts and crafts. Do some art activities and check their aesthetic sense. Give them a chance to enrich their veiled treasures. Teach them some new techniques and skills. Like drawing, painting, coloring, making pencil boxes, recycling things, making money and donation box, home decoration, red ted art and lots of other activities are there to engage the children at home.

Life skills activities

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Parents are primary teachers who can engrave the character of their children since their childhood. The lockdown time period is a golden opportunity for parents to teach them and treat them in the way, they want. Reveal your child some life skills activities. Tell them the importance of life and the ways by which life could be made more skillful, joyful, and cool. Few are recommended which you can teach them like time management skills, money-saving, self-control, future planning, good communication skills, cooking, and many others.

Reading and writing

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It is said that if you want to speak effective and informative, then read more effective and informative. Reading enhances knowledge and opens the mind. Make a habit of reading a moral story daily with your kids. Let them understand and learn the life-changing moral lesson from stories. Along with reading, give them some writing tasks. Suggest some topics related to daily life and help them to write on them. This is one of the most influencing and knowledgeable activities, which you and your children both will enjoy significantly.


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No doubt good handwriting fascinates everyone. It’s also a kind of art, which focuses on the improvement of handwriting. Along with beautiful handwriting, many decorative fonts could be created by using this skill. You can play with letters in the way you want, it will be your creativity. But it should be attractive and eye-catching. You can do calligraphy with your children by using colors of different mediums to make it more appealing and interesting for both of you.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully, all the above-mentioned activities will help you a lot and you will enjoy all these suggestions, give your quality time to your most precious gifts. Don’t forget to give your feedback.



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